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Arquez + Valentino

Arquez and Valentino comin home from a movie all excited as fuck and all that excitement turns to sexual energy. These two brothas are all over each other suckin dick and gettin their freak on. Valentino knows how to get a thug hard as fuck and when Arquez is hard there ain’t no stoppin him. He is just ruthless! Bangin Valentino like it’s the last ass on earth and when Valentino gotta cum Arquez is there to catch it all and slurp down that nut!

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Brandon Smith + Mr. Phat Lipps

Brandon Smith is lookin for a new acting job and he’s bein interviewed by Mr Phat Lipps today. Mr Phat Lipps likes to be very extensive in his interviews so he has Mr Smith show him if he’s in good shape by taking off his clothes and showin him his chest ass ass and dick. When he sees Brandon’s 11” piece he’s definitely ready to take it to the audition phase. They go to a hotel and those phat lipps get wrapped right around that huge pipe. After some suckin Mr Phat Lipps gets on all fours and takes that big dick like a champ. He gets fucked every way with every inch! Brandon busts a real huge nut all over his face while it gets licked up and his impressive piece gets kissed. No doubt he knew how to get that job done.

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TaetheDoug + TygaX

TaetheDoug and TygaX are in their next class, Bedroom Encounters 101, when Tyga sees that Tae is just a little too relaxed. The student teacher, Daniel Thompson comes in to instruct them on what’s expected of them in this class. Tae and Tyga start taking their clothes off and get started on their assignment. Daniel leaves them and Tae and Tyga go at it. Tyga starts sucking Tae’s big dick, then gets bent over and eaten out. They start to 69 then Tyga gets on top of Tae and sits on his dick to ride it for a little while. Tae moves Tyga on all fours and mounts that ass and drills it deep. Tae busts a lot load all on Tyga’s ass and back then shoves his dick back in balls deep. Tyga busts a load on his hands as they finish up the lesson for the day.

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El Mulato and Juan Carlos Santos

El Mulato taking a shower when his Latin lova Juan Carlos Santos steps in for some quick dick sucking action. El Mulato is going nuts for that big papi cock gobblin it up like it’s his last. With all that caressing Juan’s pinga blows up to epic proportions and is soon ready to fuck El Mulato all night long. Mulato can take that dick no problem and Juan rewards him with a geyser of cum on his big phat butt.

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lean getting ready


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